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Upcoming Tournaments

2017 ABANJ/USABA Northeast Regional Goalball Tournament - April 1st-2nd 2017
2017 Purdue - April 22nd - 23rd 2017
2017 USABA National Goalball Championships - June 23rd - 25th 2017

Upcoming Games

Upcoming games for a running tournament will be displayed here for the current day. If you are not seeing any games listed here, there are no games scheduled or games are complete for today. Please check back tommorow for updates!

Current Pool Standings

Current Pool Standing will be listed here once they become availible. Check back for updates.

Recent Scores

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Final Finishes

This Section with display the final finishes for the current tournament.
  Team Name Placement
1 Quebec TBA
2 Atlanta Force TBA
3 BSO Wings TBA
4 California Crown TBA
5 Delaware Moneymen TBA
6 San Antonio Jets TBA
7 Brooklyn Chiefs TBA
8 Maryland Raptors TBA
9 New Jersey Thunder TBA
10 New Jersey Titans TBA
11 Texas Wildcats (TSBVI) TBA
12 Ball State Cardinals TBA
13 GLASA Riptide TBA
14 Midwest Lightning TBA
15 NIU Huskies TBA
16 Purdue Boilermakers TBA
17 Turnstone Flyers TBA
18 Georgia Renegades TBA
19 Michigan Omega TBA
20 MWABA Eagles TBA
21 New York Knights TBA

  Team Name Placement
1 Glasa Tsunami TBA
2 OHMI Livewire TBA
3 Turnstone Flyers TBA
4 DC Corruption TBA
5 Georgia Phantoms TBA
6 Maryland Raptors TBA
7 New Jersey Honeybees TBA
8 Ontario All Black TBA

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